July 2015 Income/ Expense Report

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Alright well I said it, I am getting back on this horse lets dive right into the numbers! Work Income: $2675.37 Rental Income: $1825.00 Total July 2015 Income: $4500.37 Expenses Mortgage (PITI): $1137.01 Student Loans: $260.24 Coffee/Food: $498.29 Entertainment: $333.13 Gym: … Continued

Getting back on the Horse!

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Well ive been itching to get back on here… ive finally got all 3 apartments rented and im currently saving for another. Ive been a little frivolous in my spending this month but I will do my legitimate income expense … Continued

Are you an introvert?

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First I’d like to say that I am indeed and introvert. Not in the sense that I am shy, but I do prefer the company of my own mind to the company of groups of people. Smaller groups of 1-2 … Continued

Killing two birds with one goal

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So, since i’ve published my Jan 2015 income expense report I have become increasingly aware of where my expenses have been allocated. If you look in my previous posts you’ll see how I have accepted the 60% savings challenge in … Continued

2015 Goals!!

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My 2015 Goals: Save at least 60% of my income per month to put towards another income property and dividend generating stocks. Right now I am 24 years old, engaged to a beautiful woman…. and living at home.. even though … Continued