As the blog suggests “Dividend Youngster”, I am a young guy, about to turn 25 to be exact. I graduated college with a BA in economics and minors in financial analysis and math. I currently work for my parents. They own 3 companies, the main is our heating oil company, the second is a fireplace company where we handle everything that is alternative energy, and the final is a service company which encompasses the first two companies. While I wouldnt say that I “love” my job, I can say that there are very few days that I do not feel like going to work. In fact, I very much enjoy the work that I do, and take a lot of pride in it.

I figured out very quickly that I do not enjoy how cyclical our business is. We do our best when temperatures are at their extremes. Which is fine, but, it also makes us very dependent on Mother Nature. We seem to be doing something right considering we have been in business for over 30 years. Nonetheless I determined that I would sleep better at night if I had some other forms of “passive income” coming in to help weather Mother Natures storms.. or lack thereof in this case.

So far I’ve bought a 3 unit apartment house and currently engaged in 2 dividend growth stocks. Reflecting on this, I am proud of myself to have done this at only 24 years old. I am, however, very competitive, especially with myself. I’ve done “OK”, but I need and will do better. Until this blog, I’ve had no real game plan written out for how I will continue my success into the future. ┬áMore of this will be covered in my “60% savings challenge” category.

What has really gotten my gears turning is this 60% savings challenge that I found over on the dividend diplomats blog. I ran some quick numbers and I was floored at how much money I was spending so carelessly. I also realized that with a little effort I can propel my quest towards greater and greater passive income at an alarming rate. Relatively of course.

This blog will serve as on outlet to chart my course and hopefully enough of you will find my journey interesting enough to follow and hold me accountable!