August 2015 Income/Expense Report

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Well I think I managed to turn things around in August.. I had two months where my fiance was away with the army and I basically did not spend a dime!


Work: $2479.12

Rental: $1821.00

Total: $4300.12


Mortgage (PITI): $1137.01

Student Loans: $260.24

Sewer & Water: $228.03

Food & Coffee: $409.26

Trash: $33.82

Clothing: $36.05

Gym: $60.00

Misc: $299.99

Total: $2464.40


Savings: 1835.72 ……. 42.7%


Well Im creep closer towards that 50% mark! The important thing is that I am saving a significant amount of money and stashing it all for now to buy another apartment house!


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