Are you an introvert?

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First I’d like to say that I am indeed and introvert. Not in the sense that I am shy, but I do prefer the company of my own mind to the company of groups of people. Smaller groups of 1-2 I handle much better. All throughout school growing up and even more so in my life now I always needed to teach myself the subject matter at hand. Someone else telling me how to do something was very ineffective. I needed to get my hands on it observe what was happening and learn through what I observed. I could never accept something was “true” just because someone told me it was, there is always this urge to validate everything I learn by myself.

This is something I wish more people would do. The mind has infinite capabilities and most people never unlock them. I spend most of my time doing independent research (when im not working of course), where I basically cultivate the skill of THINKING. Now these are more skills relating to being an autodidact but in my opinion it runs hand in hand with being an introvert.

I am constantly reflecting on myself. Did I work hard enough today? Could I have done better? Was I productive? Am I better than I was yesterday? Through an honest self reflection you can set yourself down the path to achieving any of your prospective goals. Humans in general gravitate towards the path of least resistance, ending up in ruts, failed marriages, etc… I am also guilty of this, we work all of the time, we get tired, and we don’t try as hard as we should. From time to time I have to evaluate my relationships and goals and be honest with myself to keep moving forward. Sometimes just a little added effort with your spouse to spice things up is all that is needed to keep that fire alive.

Lately through the readings ive been doing I have noticed that many other successful people are also introverts. They possess the capability of inward reflection and can assess their lives in terms of accomplishing everything they need to.

After you are able to fully understand where you are at in your life, you can start making the necessary changes towards financial independence.

This was more of a spontaneous post, in regards to some thoughts I was having as I was doing some Sunday reading. But I think the message rings true.

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  1. I’m definitely an introvert too! I agree that we tend to be introspective and analytical, and honestly I think that’s a good thing. Especially in investing, where we tend to be pretty logical and emotionless when selecting investments. The introspection helps in that we can keep checking and verifying our investment thesis. Being introverted definitely has its uses, and I’m glad I am one.

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