Killing two birds with one goal

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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????So, since i’ve published my Jan 2015 income expense report I have become increasingly aware of where my expenses have been allocated. If you look in my previous posts you’ll see how I have accepted the 60% savings challenge in an effort to put more money towards my investments and get that much closer to financial independence. I was able to identify where most of my wasted expenses were going, and I have been able to act immediately on correcting these mistakes.

Aside from finances, me and my significant other are avid health nuts… well she loves to eat healthy and loves to workout… I on the other hand love to workout… and love to eat lets just say.. not so healthy.

Well I have found that as I try to decrease my expenses, I am doing things like buying food in bulk and making healthy meals for the week instead of buying a sandwich for lunch everyday or going out to dinner every other night. My effort to save money is also forcing me to eat healthy, and while I dont really have any need to lose weight, I do have goals as far as creating healthy habits as I grow older. Id rather change when i’m 24 rather than 50 and avoid many of the health complications are nation knows all too well.

One goal had compounding returns and is playing a part in accomplishing another goal. While this may not have a monetary effect right now, the intrinsic value is huge in my opinion.

Feb. has been a great month in my book, I know my savings rate is going to be much higher than last month, i’ve started a blog, I’mĀ eating healthier, I have got my third apartment very close to being rentable, I’ve got written out goals and the biggest thing I have going right now is MOMENTUM. I think momentum is huge in accomplishing long term goals. I may make my next post purely about it!

This month is coming to an end and i’ll have another income expense report coming out to see if I put my money where my mouth is!


Let me know what kind of goals you guys have set that helped accomplish other goals!

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