Feb. 2015 Income/Expense Report

Well today marks the last day of the month and lets just say everything I had planned today got replaced by everything I hadn’t planned on doing today. I was going to start tiling the floor in the bathroom of my apartment and instead I ended up replacing one of my tenants hot water heaters and fixing her door….. the life… haha

So lets dive into it.


Wages: $1974.16

Rental: $1362.00

Dividends: $3.52 🙁

Total: $3339.68


Mortgage: $1137.01

Student Loans: $260.24

Food: $436.24   140 steak

Utilities: $114.9

Sewer + Water: $240.92 (3 months)

Renovations: $167.14      chest box freezer 239+tx

Entertainment: $41.76

Blog Startup: $48.06 (year)

Gym: $60

Total: $2506.27

Savings: $833.41

Savings Rate: 25.0%


Welllll… not the savings rate I was hoping for, but, it is better than last month and I did make some good changes that will definitely improve my savings in future months. Next month I Wont have the sewer and water bill or blog start up which will save an extra $288.98. This will bring my savings rate to 33.6%, this would definitely be an improvement. The biggest change I made was the amount of money I spent on food. Last month I spent almost $1000 in food and this month I managed to bring that down to $436.24. In an effort to be even more frugal, of the money I spent in food this month $140 of it was spent on buying steak in bulk, 32 ribeye steaks @ $3/lb… Normally around here ribeye sells for $13/ lb. We eat a lot of steak so this will be a considerable amount of savings as well. Of the $833.41 saved this month $170 was put into my brokerage account. One expense I did not factor into my savings rate was a chest box freezer $239 + tax. I bought this this other night to store the food i’m buying in bulk, this will be classified as an investment.

Still this month marks an improvement from the last and there are many good systems in place now going forward.

Maybe tomorrow ill be able to put down my floor!


Have a good weekend everyone!

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  1. DY,

    It’s great to see you making a great effort to keep costs low and succeeding at it. I hope you manage to increase your savings rate over the next few months. Buying food in bulk will definitely go a long way if you eat a lot of meat.

    Good luck,

    • Im sure as hell trying! Everytime I bring a meal to work and eat that instead of buying something at the store I hear little $$ in my head haha… Im gaining momentum and Im enjoying the challenge!

      Thanks NMW!

  2. Hi! I found your blog through Dividend Mantra. Congrats on your success so far. It’s hard at our age to make progress at financial independence at times (I’m 23). I am definitely impressed with your savings rate. I’m lucky in that I rent, so seeing that you have a mortgage and serious bills and still saving 25% is really awesome!

    • DD, you’re right sometimes when I feel like im really getting ahead I get hit with a stupid bill of some sorts haha. Stay tuned for this month my savings rate is going to be dramatically higher! Thanks for looking around Im on DM’s blog all the time!

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